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Specialized Robotic Demolition

Diamond sawing and robotic "Brokk" demolition provide excellent results for your particular demolition needs. With our specialized hydraulic and electric hydraulic equipment, Aaxiom Concrete Sawing has the capability and expertise to work in any environment.

Today's modern demolition equipment allows us to work in spaces previously considered too small or without adequate access for older equipment. Also, our equipment brings a new level of safety to any demolition product, which can improve your bottom line. Take advantage of the service you have been looking for.

About Robotic "Brokk" Demolition

 With our experienced operators, the Brokk takes down concrete walls and slabs with little effort and a lot of savings on the cost of manpower. The Brokk runs on electricity, which is great for interior work because fumes from gas or diesel engines are eliminated.

Brokk 100 Drilling Brokk 160 Wall Sawing Brokk 160 Maiden Voyage Brokk 150 Wall Sawing
Brokk 260 Theater Demo Brokk 100 with Crusher Brokk 100 with Hydraulic Crusher Brokk 150 Demolition of Spandrel Beams
Brokk 100 with Hydraulic Crusher