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      Skilled Concrete Drilling, Sawing, & Cutting

Our highly trained concrete cutting and drilling operators have experience with multiple job types and conditions. From wall sawing to create openings for doors and windows to core drilling for electrical installations, Aaxiom Concrete Sawing offers a broad range of services to our customers including the following:

• Asphalt Sawing
• Concrete Removal
• Core Drilling
• Interior Trenching
• Slab Sawing • Wall & Wire Sawing

Core Drilling

Concrete drilling or coring involves the cutting of exact holes through concrete walls, floors, and other structures. With many years of experience, our workers have the skill and experience to handle even the most complex core drilling jobs.

Interior Trenching

In conjunction with electric wall and slab saws, Aaxiom's robotic "Brokk" demolition machines are a unique solution for all of your interior concrete removal and excavation needs. No project is beyond our reach.

Slab & Wall Sawing & Cutting

Slab sawing and wall sawing are two methods of diamond sawing that can be used to remove damaged areas of pavement or concrete. Typical applications range from residential foundations and slabs, commercial building renovations, and separation cuts for large scale demolition, as well as roadway and bridge repairs. We can handle all of your residential and commercial sawing jobs.

Wire Sawing

Diamond wire offers virtually unlimited possibilities to create openings through concrete and granite with low noise and vibration. Diamond wire cutting in coordination with core drilling can cut almost any depth needed. It is a great solution when diamond blade sawing cannot be used.